Taking the next step in finding support requires great courage and love. We are glad you found us! Our team looks forward to answering your questions and helping you further explore if our program is a good match for your family.

Our 2022 season

will offer a one 6-week expedition in

July and August located in the Helena National Forest.

» Download our expedition application here «

We also provide 3-day family therapy retreats as requested throughout the year.

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Contact our Program Therapist Brie Shulman

with admissions inquiries: (585) 330-0780

​Please note that we are currently set up to accept both private & Montana state insurance, including Medicaid. Recognize that there may be additional costs if applying from out of state.

"After Inner Roads, my teen had regained confidence and engagement in the world and in relationships with peers and family members. [Other treatments] kept my teen safe, but Inner Roads reminded my teen about why life is worth living." 

Parent of an Inner Roads Graduate 

Who We Serve

Inner Roads works with youth aged 14-17 and their families. The adolescents in our program often have been labeled as “troubled” or “at-risk,” and are struggling with significant behavioral and mental health issues. However, we are also open to admitting teens that are not in crisis, yet would benefit from increased empowerment, self-worth, communication skills, and accountability.

The youth we admit are identifiable by

• Defiant or out-of-control behavior
• Negative peer relationships
• Low self-esteem

• Dishonest or manipulative behavior
• Poor academic performance
• Depression or anxiety
• Addictions
• A loss of direction and accountability
• Poor anger management
• The effects of early childhood abuse or trauma

We are unable to admit youth who
• Are at high risk for suicide
• Are at significant risk for harming others
• Are experiencing hallucinations or psychosis
• Do not pass our medical evaluation


There may be additional screening criteria, both medical and mental health related, which we would be happy to discuss with you prior to your application. Please contact us with specific concerns.


A Typical Day

  • Students wake & pack up their campsites.

  • Group hand wash & setting of daily intentions

  • Breakfast around the campfire.

  • Morning medications & foot checks.

  • Camp break-down chores split between students.

  • Daily hike lead by the student Leader of the Day. 

  • Morning Circle and lunch. Set daily goals, practice mindfulness skills, or have intentional discussions.

  • Game, swimming, berry-picking, fishing, etc.

  • Setup camp and split chores between students.

  • Personal time for writing assignments, journaling, drawing, academics, etc.

  • Individual check-ins with staff.

  • Work on "hard skills": creating fire by friction, carving spoons, primitive crafts, etc.

  • Group hand wash and naming "gratefuls".

  • Dinner with your cook group. Each student is a prep cook, cook, or cleaner for the day.

  • Truth Circle: Staff-led therapeutic discussions.

  • Night medications & foot checks.

  • Bedtime at your personal shelter site.

Students are met in the field by a licensed therapist once per week, during which individual sessions are conducted and letters

between the student and their family are exchanged.