Our Program

Inner Roads is a nonprofit therapeutic intervention that utilizes an outdoor wilderness setting to accelerate growth, healing, and empowerment in at-risk youth. This intensive 5-week program uses a strength-based approach to guide struggling teens as they gain confidence and insight, build motivation, develop communication skills, practice healthy relationships, and gain agency in their lives. We offer 2 high school credits to program graduates to support their continued education.

Youth will have the privilege of experiencing the beautiful wilderness of Western Montana. Our summer trips operate in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. The third largest wilderness area in the lower 48, this consists of over 1,340,500 acres of road-less backcountry. 

A Typical Day

  • Students wake & pack up their campsites.

  • Group hand wash & setting of daily intentions

  • Breakfast around the campfire.

  • Morning medications & foot checks.

  • Camp break-down chores split between students.

  • Daily hike lead by the student Leader of the Day. 

  • Morning Circle and lunch. Set daily goals, practice mindfulness skills, or have intentional discussions.

  • Game, swimming, berry-picking, etc.

  • Setup camp and split chores between students. Make your own shelter site. 

  • Personal time for writing assignments, journaling, drawing, academics, etc.

  • Individual check-ins with staff.

  • Work on "hard skills": creating fire by friction, carving spoons, primitive crafts, etc.

  • Group hand wash and naming "gratefuls".

  • Dinner with your cook group. Each student is a prep cook, cook, or cleaner for the day.

  • Truth Circle: Staff-led therapeutic discussions or sharing of a student's personal history.

  • Night medications & foot checks.

  • Bedtime at your personal shelter site.

Students are met in the field by a licensed therapist once per week, during which individual sessions are conducted and letters between the student and their family are exchanged. 

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