Field Guides are our front-line staff, responsible for ensuring a safe and therapeutic milieu on a day-to-day basis with our students. They hold current certifications in wilderness medicine, CPR, and de-escalation training. They come to us with significant experience in outdoor leadership & youth mentorship or clinical settings, enthusiastic about living alongside our students as they navigate new perspectives and insight.


Agate Gamble (they/them)

Certified Field Guide

Agate comes to Inner Roads with five years of experience in place-based education after graduating with a degree in Psychology and Wilderness Studies from the University of Montana. Agate is excited to work with Inner Roads because they have had their own transformations of empowerment and healing by getting close to the natural world! Agate loves to backpack, cuddle with their dog, press wildflowers, write, and look underneath rocks for creatures. Agate is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and is looking forward to a safe, silly, and adventurous summer alongside students! 


Emma Hadley (they/them)

Certified Field Guide

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Emma grew up going to summer camp each year and has seen firsthand the ways in which the outdoors can be a healing space to facilitate self-love and personal growth. While taking a gap year after their first year of college, Emma discovered their passion for working with youth in the outdoors, while working for the Northwest Outdoor Science School program in Oregon. In the years following, Emma went on to obtain a Bachelor's in Humanity and Nature Studies and Outdoor Education from Northland College in Wisconsin, where they were first introduced to the field of therapeutic recreation. Since graduating, Emma moved to Missoula and has been working with the parks system to provide outdoor experiences to youth across the city, and they are so excited to begin their first season with Inner Roads.  In their free time, Emma loves to hike, backpack, rock climb, canoe, go on trail runs, and perhaps most of all, watch the sunset with their friends on the various mountains in the area.

Burket Kniveton 3.jpg

Burket Kniveton (he/him)

Clinical Field Intern

Burket’s own coming of age story is rooted in the foothills, high alpine ridges, and rivers of California’s majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. His educational journey took him to Prescott College where he completed an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Adventure Education at the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Burket spent time leading whitewater rafting expeditions on many wild rivers and The Grand Canyon before spending half a decade as a Wilderness River Ranger with the U.S. Forest Service. He has worked as a staff at a therapeutic boarding school, the director of a juvenile justice diversion program, a mental health specialist at a middle school, and as a counseling intern at The Abbie Shelter- a domestic violence and crisis intervention program in the Flathead. Burket’s interest in the human condition led him to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. His own journey towards personal awareness is intertwined with rich experiences in wild landscapes. This integration informs his approach to counseling and supporting others as they journey towards becoming themselves.


Kari Mowbray (she/her)

Clinical Field Intern

Kari was born and raised in Northwest Montana and earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Montana. Soon after, Kari took the adventure train to Oregon, Wyoming, Washington, and Minnesota, where she gained experience in group home management, wilderness medicine, and wilderness therapy. After completing her MA in Clinical Counseling, Kari is beyond excited to return to her home state where the mountains touch the sky. Kari’s small family currently includes her partner and her Dutch shepherd, both of whom join her in all the “off-the-clock” adventures.


Jackson Parker (he/they)

Field Guide Intern

Jackson was born and raised in Missoula, MT, but discovered his passion for the outdoors while attending Bard College in the Hudson Valley, as well as his life-long interests in mindfulness and comedy. After returning to Montana, he began attending residencies and retreats at a Zen Monastery in Oregon, and working summers in the backcountry of The Great Burn. He graduated last spring with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Montana, and continues to write poetry and pursue other creative and healing pursuits such as improv, herbalism, woodworking, basket weaving, and Aikido. He is excited for the opportunity to bring his skillset and enthusiasm for land-based and relational approaches of healing to Inner Roads, and learn from the students and other staff members. You can find him most days hiking local trails, immersed in a DIY project in his backyard, or sitting at his desk or on his cushion, enjoying his breathing. 


Jesse Bergeson (he/him)

Field Guide Intern

Jesse was an essential part of Inner Roads' all-volunteer crew in 2018 and is excited to return as a Field Guide this season. He has years of experience in ecological science, conservation, trail maintenance, plant identification, and remote or backcountry living.   When he is not in Missoula gardening with his cat Mochi, Jesse can be found exploring the public spaces of Montana and Idaho looking for mushrooms and berries. He is always excited to help young people find & share his passions for being outside and finding adventures worthy of epic Instagram photos.