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Field Guides are our front-line staff, responsible for ensuring a safe and therapeutic milieu on a day-to-day basis with our students. They hold current certifications in wilderness medicine, CPR, and de-escalation training. They come to us with significant experience in outdoor leadership & youth mentorship or clinical settings, enthusiastic about living alongside our students as they navigate new perspectives and insight.


Agate Gamble (they/them)

Certified Field Guide

Agate comes to Inner Roads with five years of experience in place-based education after graduating with a degree in Psychology and Wilderness Studies from the University of Montana. Agate is excited to work with Inner Roads because they have had their own transformations of empowerment and healing by getting close to the natural world! Agate loves to backpack, cuddle with their dog, press wildflowers, write, and look underneath rocks for creatures. Agate is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and is looking forward to a safe, silly, and adventurous summer alongside students! 

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Noah Booth (he/him)

Field Guide Intern

Noah is a Minnesotan that bounced his way out west back in 2016, and Missoula's been his home ever since. He didn't come from an outdoorsy family and had never even slept outside until his first backpacking trip at sixteen. It was a journey that Noah bravely embarked upon (his mom forced him) and confronted with enthusiasm (he spent the first week plotting his escape). Something clicked on that trip for Noah—albeit after a week of highly vocalized misery — and he'd been chasing trails. He currently has over 2,000 miles of solo long-trail experience and has garnered a little more respect and more enthusiasm for the backcountry with every step. Noah can't wait to bring that passion, and maybe a little midwestern flare, to the Inner Roads team this Summer. Happy Trails!


Emily Kaplan (they/she)

Clinical Intern

Emily grew up in the lower Hudson Valley suburbs of NYC and found their way to Missoula in 2012, where they acquired a bachelor's degree in social work. In their time in Montana, Emily worked with gender marginalized youth groups, survivors of interpersonal violence, food bank volunteers, and teens at a residential group home. Emily moved back to New York in 2019 to pursue a Master's Degree in social work, where they interned as a school-based mental health counselor supporting teens in Manhattan and Brooklyn. For the last year, Emily has lived in Portland, OR, working as a barista and a youth soccer coach. Emily loves to relax, listen to music, dance in the rain, and eat yummy food (especially pizza) outside of work. Emily is stoked for a summer of meaningful connection, transformation, and frolicking through the forest with inner roads!


Corinne Garrett  (her/she)

Field Guide Intern

Corinne is an Oregon-native and world traveler, but in 2015 Montana captured her heart while cycling across the United States with friends. She has been drawn to Missoula ever since; she currently studies social work at the University of Montana. In addition, Corinne brings years of experience mentoring adolescents through a bicycle co-op youth program. Also a former wild-land firefighter, Corinne has logged many trips in the backcountry during which she learned group safety skills and undeniably fell more in love with the outdoors and its growth-inspiring magic! Corinne believes whole-heartedly in the transformative power of the natural world, human connection, and taking a moment to stop and reflect. When not hiking (or running with her dog, Mordecai!) through the forest, she loves making baskets, exploring new places, and being silly with friends. She can’t wait to share in the beauty of the backcountry with students and walk alongside them, both literally and metaphorically!

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